Hijab Friendly Batik Masks
Hijab Friendly Batik Masks

Hijab Friendly Batik Masks

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• Do take note that every batik design on the masks is different. 
• Hijab Friendly Masks :)
• This size is recommended for adults.

Made out of soft cotton material, comfortable on your skin.

It is a stretchable head loop, you can easily put it on and take it off without having to tie up!

Available in two options:
1) 2 ply:
• Both sides of the masks are batik so it is reversible!
• Going for $4

2) With the filter slot: (sold out)
• It is not reversible but you can slot in your own filter
• Going for $5

• Mask does not come with the filter. 
• Once received, please wash first before wearing it. 
• Comes in one standard size only.
• Washable.
• Do not use bleach.